About Spike 150

Q: What is Spike 150? Why is it significant?

This year will be the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. To commemorate the contributions of the thousands of Chinese laborers responsible for this milestone in American history, MOCA has named its 2019 TCS NYC Marathon fundraising initiative “ MOCA Spike 150 – Running Forward with Our Stories! ” We invite fellow runners and non-runners alike to participate in this initiative. We encourage everyone to help tell the story of some of the first Chinese in America by helping to support our 2019 marathon team and redefining the history narrative to acknowledge their contributions.

Q: What exactly “Spike ”is?

The spike represents the “golden spike ”(also known as The Last Spike) is the ceremonial 17.6-karat gold final spike driven by Leland Stanford to join the rails of the First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States connecting the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads on May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. The term last spike has been used to refer to one driven at the usually ceremonial completion of any new railroad construction projects, particularly those in which construction is undertaken from two disparate origins towards a meeting point.

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Q: Why does Museum of Chinese in America need to do fundraising?

MOCA is a non-profit organizaiton. Since its founding in 1980, MOCA has been committed to reclaiming, preserving, and presenting the history of Chinese people in the United States, for the benefit of the community itself as well as the general public.  The Museum is a valued resource and vital center for engaging individuals of all ages and backgrounds in dialogue.  The Museum’s current institutional expansion will create greater opportunities for MOCA to offer increased programming, to serve a broader audience, and to develop as the national Chinese American museum. MOCA stands on the threshold of transforming from a community institution into a national museum in a world-class facility. By supporting the Museum’s general operating budget, you will help to maintain the wide array of exhibitions, educational and public programs, and community initiatives that allow MOCA to fulfill its important mission.All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Q:Are only Chinese runners allowed to participate?

MOCA Spike 150 is by all for all. We welcome all people and background to run and support our efforts.

Q:Is the Museum of Chinese in America only for Chinese people?

The Museum of Chinese in America is by all for all. The Museum is dedicated to sharing the untold stories in the making of America. Many of the stories involve people of Chinese ancestry who have come to America, but are universally relatable.

About MOCA Spike 150 Ambassadors

Q: What does it mean by being a MOCA Spike 150 Ambassador?

MOCA established in 1980 as a non-profit organization, and since then, MOCA has started its mission of collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Chinese in America. MOCA has been engaging audiences from all backgrounds to see American history through a critical perspective, to reflect on their own experiences, and to make meaning connections between: the past and the present, the global and the local, themselves and the others. To support MOCA ’s mission, MOCA Spike 150 Ambassadors will fundraise for MOCA to grow through running, help MOCA get a permanent home and become a national museum!

Q: I am running TCS New York City Marathon this year, can I run for MOCA fundraising to make my marathon more meaningful?

A:  Definitely! The definition of running for MOCA is to be a MOCA Spike 150 ambassador and it’s simple to do. Just go to https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/moca-spike-150 and click “Join ”to be part of the fundraising team. Include your personal running story and tell your friends why it’s important to support an institute like MOCA that helps to preserve the Chinese American history. There is no minimum fundraising requirement, and once you are part of Team MOCA, you will have access to the training plans, information about the organized group runs and invitation to the pre-race party. You will also have a chance to purchase or win (depends on how much you raise) really cool team gears designed by the top New York local designer!

Q:  Sounds great! But I don’t have a spot for TCS New York City Marathon this year, can I still run for MOCA?

A: Since all MOCA’s 2019 TCS NYC Marathon official charity entries are taken (Official charity team member has a minimum fundraising requirement of $5,000), we can’t offer any more spot. However, if you are running any other marathon, ultra marathon, half marathon, triathlon, or any other personal sport challenge races throughout the year, you can also “Join ”MOCA Spike 150 ambassador at https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/moca-spike-150-ambassadors . There is no fundraising minimum requirement, and once you join,  you will also have a chance to purchase or win (depends on how much you raise) really cool team gears designed by the top New York local designer!

About MOCA Spike 150 Virtual Relay

Q: What’s Spike 150 Virtual Relay mean?

A: It’s like an online mileage culmination game that will last for 25 weeks (5/12-11/3) . It gears toward both running clubs and individual runners. The goal is to accumulate at least 15,000 miles or as far as 15 times of 1,776 miles (the length of the First Transcontinental Railroad!).  Each participated running club or individual runner chooses a week to participate and contribute the weekly mileage. In the end of the 25 weeks (the weekend of the 20 TCS New York City Marathon), we will announce the total mileage the reply accomplished, tally the results, and honor the running clubs and individuals who gain the top achievements !

Q: Sounds fun! Do I have to pay to join?

Registration is free ! However fundraising by each strongly participated running club is encouraged. We welcome every runner join the relay and support MOCA.

Q: What ’s other requirement to join the Virtual Relay?

A Strava app is required in order to tally your mileage. You can join a particular weekly MOCA Spike 150 Strava Club, depending on which running club you will run with, and then the only thing you need is just a pair of sneakers!

Q: I am in! How to sign up?

More detail about how to sign up and participate will come up around early April. Please stay tuned and check back with us!


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