How to Participate


MOCA is now inviting people to join the MOCA Spike 150 series of events. MOCA encourages everyone to run marathons or just run as routine, telling the story of our own, in the past or present, and look to the future, making the history of America integrally.

While all of MOCA’s TCS New York City Marathon charity spots have already been filled, we encourage you to support us in the following ways:

1. Be a MOCA Spike 150 Ambassador

The marathon charity run is not only limited to charity runners!

Are you one of the lucky few who are registered for the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon? If so, join us as a MOCA Spike 150 Ambassador to support the Museum of Chinese in America! There is no minimum fundraising requirement, your participation will not conflict with your current club affiliation. In fact, it will provide an opportunity for your club to champion a worthy cause!

If you decide to run New York City marathon for MOCA, you can participate in online and offline training sessions specially organized by the museum. You will also have priority to attend a carb-loading party hosted by MOCA before the NYC Marathon. Runners who have raised more than $500 can get a specially designed MOCA running shirt, and one year MOCA membership along with other perks. View details here.

The MOCA Spike 150 Ambassador’s event is to recruit marathon runners who are willing to share their positive energy and stories and run for MOCA’s charity fundraising efforts, and are not limited to the TCS New York City Marathon. Every runner who participates in any marathon in 2019 can join MOCA charity run to fundraise for MOCA. This is an opportunity to support a non-profit organization that preserves the history of Chinese in America. Each runner is a great addition to MOCA team.

2. Participate in the MOCA Spike 150 Relay

The Golden Spike Sesquicentennial Celebration and Festival will take place at Promontory Summit, Utah on the 10th of May, during this event MOCA will announce the official launch of a 25-week virtual relay that symbolizes the national celebration on the Chinese contribution of the building of the transcontinental railroad. We welcome all the running clubs across the country join this initiative as well as the individual.

3. Learn about 150 stories of Chinese American history and share your own story

Every piece of information and story sharing has more than three times the effectiveness…

As one of the initiatives of “MOCA Spike 150: Running Forward with our stories” beginning on April 1st and continuing through October, we will be posting 150 stories (one each weekday) that each tells a vital piece of Chinese American history. These stories could be about people, events, organizations, etc. each will not only allow people to see unexhibited artifacts from MOCA collection but also slowly begin to piece together the puzzle that is the Chinese American experience. All the stories will be in bilingual format. Please be sure to visit this page daily to learn a new fact and support MOCA’s mission to preserve the history of Chinese in America. We also calling for submission from everyone to share all your stories about how you or your family come to United States, the issues, the struggles, the tears and the proud. Please email us your story for submission. We will select and share stories on our website!