MOCA Spike 150 Virtual Relay


Attention Running Clubs Across America: Relay and Run with Our Stories

2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad. To honor the monumental contribution by Chinese laborers to America’s first national railroad systems, the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) proudly presents the “MOCA Spike 150 Initiative: Running Forward With Our Stories!” This multi-month charity series which started with an epic lunar New Year Pig Run, kicks off a wave of celebrations that culminate with the TCS New York City Marathon on November 3rd.

On May 10th, the same day that the ceremonial Golden Spike was driven 150 years ago, MOCA will launch Spike 150 Virtual Relay. A relay that spans 25 consecutive weeks, This is a unique MOCA Spike 150 Initiative event. With the support and participation of running clubs across the country, our hope to cover as much distance as humanly possible. We look forward to uniting all Chinese American Heritage Running Clubs, help MOCA raise funds toward its permanent museum location, promote the significance of the history of Chinese in America and preserve this piece of history. We also hope to shatter the Chinese American ’s stereotype impressed by the mass media, so that we get to tell own stories while running forward.

Relay Timing: 5/12/2019 to 11/3/2019, for a total of 25 weeks.

There are three phases in the relay. Each phase is 8 weeks. During each phase, clubs must designate one week for their runners to accumulate miles for the club. The 25th week will be a bonus week (more details below).

Event Rules

Relay Timing: 5/12/2019 to 11/3/2019, for a total of 25 weeks.

There are three phases in the relay. Each phase is 8 weeks. During each phase, clubs must designate one week for their runners to accumulate miles for the club. The 25th week will be a spical week (more details below).

Phase 1: 5/13 – 7/7 (choose any week)
Phase 2: 7/8 – 9/1 (choose any week)
Phase 3: 9/2 – 10/27 (choose any week)
Week 25 (Bonus week): 10/28-11/3

To support and honor MOCA NYC Marathon Team, distance logged by all the participated clubs on the 25th week will all be accounted to the total length. The mileage accumulated during the last week will not count toward the group mileage reward.

Sign Up: Participation is FREE of charge! However, participating clubs are strongly encouraged to help raise funds for MOCA to help the museum find a permanent home for the purpose of preserving Chinese American history.

Who can sign up: Any and all running clubs are welcome, regardless of the size of the club. We also welcoming individual runners to join any virtual event club to contribute.

Requirements: Each participating runner needs to install the Strava app, upload and log all runs during his/her club’s designated weeks of participation, including the bonus week. Runners of all paces and any distance are welcomed.

How Does It Work

* Every week’s miles could be accumulated by one or several running clubs which have signed up for the week, each club will be measured by separated Strava club.

* Every week starts from 12am on Monday and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday, Eastern Time.

* MOCA reserves the right to make adjustment to the weekly sign up based on the overall registration.

How to Register

Between 4/8- 4/21/2019, we invite all the running club leaders to sign up on behalf of their club, and choose the preferred relay weeks. MOCA may request and assign alternative designated week for the club to ensure even and full coverage. Once the schedule is set, MOCA will create event Strava club for each running club and send out the Strava link and invitation to the leaders. Please ask and invite as many members as possible to join the assigned relay club as there is no limitation on the number of runners.

Goals of the Virtual Relay

To echo the theme of 150th anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad, the first goal is to reach 150,000 miles. Using the 1,776 miles of total distance of the original Transcontinental Railroad as a benchmark, the second goal is to reach at least 150 times of the length of the historical Transcontinental Railroad.

Finally, the total distance of the Spike 150 Virtual Relay is unlimited. Let us run together as a team — reaching further distance and greater heights. Over these 25 weeks, we encourage you share relay information, your stories, promote MOCA, and further promote the intention of this charity event.

After the event, MOCA will archive all information, journey about the Relay and participating clubs to preserve this precious record for the MOCA Spike 150 event and participating running clubs.

Event Page Design

There will be a feature on the event page which dynamically illustrates the construction of the 1,912 miles of the historical Transcontinental Railroad. The moving Golden Spike symbolizes the baton in our relay. The position of the baton represents the corresponding position on the entire distance. The participating clubs’ miles will bring the Golden Spike to move forward. The Golden Spike will reset to the beginning upon the each completion of total railroad distance, and the counter will increase to track total number of distance and railroad completed.

Below is a national map which shows the geographic locations of all participating running clubs. By clicking on a location, you will be able to view and browse the general introduction, photos, contact info and the link of each club for more info. The map will highlight the running clubs designated to run for that week. Every week, there can be one or more clubs running the relay and the miles completed during the week will also be displayed on the map.

To encourage and recognize runner and club participation, award will be given to the following categories after the completion of MOCA Spike 150 event:

Team Awards:
  • Total mileage: Top 3 By Club
  • Average mileage by runners: Top 3 By Club
  • Total amount of fund raised :Top 3 By Club

*Disclaimer: By participating this charity Virtual Relay, all clubs and individuals runners have acknowledged and accepted all potential risks caused by this activity and waive any legal complaints against MOCA due to all predictive and unpredictive conditions. In addition, all participating clubs and individuals grant MOCA the use of the name of clubs, runners, information, and photos for publication and on social media.