Port Arthur Restaurant

21 June 2019
Port Arthur restaurant exterior, Courtesy of Eric Y. Ng, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection

Port Arthur Restaurant was opened in 1897 by Chu Gam Fai. It was named after a port city in Northern China now called the Lüshunkou District. It was the first restaurant to receive a liquor license in Chinatown and remained in operation for over 80 years at the same location on the second and third floor at 7-9 Mott Street.

The restaurant was known for its authentic Chinese décor, featuring inlaid pearl mahogany tables, lanterns, chandeliers, and imported Cantonese teakwood furniture. The restaurant used the second floor as a general dining area and reserved the third floor for hosting private parties, banquets, ceremonial dinners, and weddings.

1897年,Chu Gam Fai创办了旅顺楼。它是以中国北方的一个港口城市的名字命名的,现在叫旅顺口区。它是唐人街第一家获得酒类执照的餐厅,并在位于勿街7-9号的二楼和三楼的同一位置经营了80多年。


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