Wong Chin Foo

03 July 2019
Wong Chin Foo biography by Scott D. Seligman and a copy of the first issue of the Chinese American, Museum of
Chinese in America (MOCA) Collection
Scott D. Seligman的《王清福》传记和《华美新报》创刊号,美国华人博物馆(MOCA)馆藏

Wong Chin Foo (1847-1898) was a Chinese-American activist and one of the most prolific Chinese writers in San Francisco’s press during the 19th Century. Born in Shandong, he participated in anti-government activities until he was forced to flee China around 1873. He arrived in the U.S. by way of Japan and became a U.S. citizen in 1874. He is most notably credited with coining the term “Chinese American,” with his prolific writing and publishing of The Chinese American, a weekly newspaper he started in New York City. In 1892, he directly challenged the racist rhetoric that was proliferated by the Chinese Exclusion Act. According to one anecdote, Wong cynically offered a $500 reward for anyone who could prove that Chinese ate cats or rats, to which no one responded. Wong took great steps towards formulating a collective sense of Chinese-American identity and advocated for the needs of his community. He is referred to by some as the “Chinese Martin Luther King” for his active dedication to claiming the civil and labor rights of the Chinese community in the U.S.

王清福(1847-1898),是一位美国华裔活动家,也是19世纪旧金山新闻界最多产的中国作家之一。他出生于山东,曾参与反政府活动,直到1873年左右被迫逃离中国。他经由日本来到美国,并于1874年成为美国公民。他最著名的贡献是创造了“华裔美国人”一词,同时他在纽约创办了《华美新报》周刊(The Chinese American),并撰写出版了大量文章。1892年,他直接挑战了《排华法案》中充斥的种族主义言论。根据一则轶事,王清福曾经嘲讽地发布一则悬赏说:如果有人能证明中国人吃猫或者老鼠,就给他500美元的奖励,但没有人回应。王清福一步一个脚印地为创造华裔美国人的集体身份认同感和倡导社群的需要做了大量工作。因为积极致力于为美国华人群体争取公民和劳工的权利,他被一些人称为中国的“马丁·路德·金”。

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