Ernest K.H. Eng

21 October 2019
Left:Ernest Eng in uniform; Right:Captain Ernest Eng's wedding photo with General George C. Marshall giving away his wife
Anita in 1940s. Courtesy of Eng Family, Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) collection
左:身着军装的Ernest Eng;右:1940年代Ernest Eng上尉的婚礼,马歇尔将军把他的新娘Anita交到他手上。Eng家捐赠,

Ernest K.H. Eng was born in Norfolk, VA in 1920. During World War II he was drafted into the army; he decided to go to officer candidate school in 1943. He successfully completed the course and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel when he retired in 1963. Throughout his military career he served as aide-de-camp to serval higher ranking officers.

Gen. George C. Marshall led a mission to China shortly after the end of World War II in December of 1945. During this trip Eng served as his aide-de-camp. The mission was organized by the US army to negotiate between the communists and nationalists to unify the Chinese government. The mission lasted about a year but failed to reach any common ground. In January of 1947, the envoy, frustrated with the failed negotiations, left China.

After the mission Eng remained in the army until his retirement in 1963. He would move his family to Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, where he would remain a resident until his death in June 2010.

Ernest K.H. Eng于1920年出生于弗吉尼亚州的诺福克。在第二次世界大战期间,他被征兵入伍;1943年他决定前往军官备选学校。他成功完成了该课程,并在1963年退休时达到了中校军衔。在他的军事生涯中,他担任过几位高级军官的副官。

在1945年12月第二次世界大战结束后不久,乔治·卡特里特·马歇尔将军去中国执行任务。在这次出征中,Eng担任他的副官。这次任务是由美国军队部署的,旨在通过共产党和国民党之间的谈判来统一中国政府。该任务持续了大约一年,但没有达成任何共识。 1947年1月,对失败的谈判感到沮丧的特使,离开了中国。


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